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== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
* [[Amulet of Loda]]

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Loda is a God of Hollow


Loda is one of the Elder Gods, and generally will only grant her divine gifts to dwarves, who were created in her image. Though she is good aligned, she rarely cares for problems not directly effecting her 'children'. Loda is only worshipped en masse by the dwarves, and each weapon they create is done so with her blessing. Those rare dwarves who venture into use of magic in conjunction with their smithing, generally do so through their sacred Goddess as opposed to Xalious, like most other spell-casters. She is serious and stern of demeanour, and is whispered to have had the strongest hand in re-crafting the world after the Gods destroyed it at the end of the Lost Age. It is said that when honourable dwarves die, their souls are greeted by Loda and they will then spend eternity drinking and singing with their patron deity. Some great smiths who are not dwarves claim to have found her favour also, in the creation of mighty armour and weapons.

Loda currently resides in a great forge beneath the city of Celestria, on the plane of the Higher Gods.

Places of Worship

  • Temple of Loda
    • Craughmoyle


Loda appears as a heavily muscled dwarven female, with a large beard that seems woven of pure mithril. She carries in one hand a mighty hammer, used to forge weapons for the Gods, and the other is rarely seen without a large mug of dwarven beer, which legend says will never be empty as long as dwarves live on Hollow.


Common Follower types: Mostly dwarves

Known Followers

Related Artifacts

Related Clans

Common Rituals

  • A rather common ritual is performed when dwarves brew their signature ale. Upon final sampling and verification of quality, they will empty the first barrel of a batch onto the soil at their feet in homage to their Goddess. It is said this offering is what keeps her mug eternally filled. On the day her mug runs dry, the dwarves believe they shall lose her favour and cease to exist.