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[[Category:Custom Weapons]]
[[Category:Custom Weapons]]
[[Category:Custom Weapon]]

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This page describes a Custom Item. To see rules and pricing to create your own, go to Customs Price List.
Ko'tar, Frost-Katana of Charity - (Weapon-Melee)
Creator: Satoshi
Last Known Owner: Satoshi
See below
See below

What it is: A unique blade of ice and snow conjured by the cryomancer Satoshi, originally the manifestation of her knack for katanas obtained from the tiefling Kasyr, coupled with a powerful need for something to give her protection. Persistent to the core, the blade cannot be wholly undone or properly abandoned, and even when melted down, shattered, or otherwise destroyed, it will eventually restore its form and return to its owner through any means necessary to continue the reason for its creation: giving protection. 'The sword that fancies itself a shield.'

What it can do: Ko'tar's voice solely takes the form of music, its tune often directly reflecting its current mood, and although audible and somewhat decipherable to others only its holder seems capable of completely interpreting the melodies--when they care to listen. The blade's song in its purest form is a soothing lullaby, soft and bell-like, that invokes a calm, clear state of mind in its owner upon contact, banishing darker emotions in favor of more charitable tendencies.

**Should the wielder die, or someone/something be slain by the weapon, one of two things occur: If the person dying is good or neutral, their spirit is allowed to move on- whereas, if the one slain is evil: their spirit will become trapped within the weapon {Thats right folks, Makes returning from DD's a problem...unless one is able to get the weapon one way or another {Duel, permission, etc}- and either get divine intervention, or, an excessively powerful mageling-}. The weapon is possessed of a remarkable keeness, ne'er dulling- and likewise possesses a surnatural durability tied to the presence of what is sealed within. It's actually due to this living state of the weapon that the wielder is granted a pair of blessings, one of the thing sharing some of its essence with the user when wielded- so as to maintain their stamina during conflicts- whilst the other is by that very same flow of essence, the weapons are effectively weightless. (credit: Kasyr)

Charity's Soothing Song: Through the blade's ever-present song, its owner gains a certain peace of mind and self-control, soothing negative urges and replacing them with a desire to help others in a selfless manner. The intensity of this varies by Ko'tar's "mood" and can be as simple as providing a peaceful night's sleep from stresses or as powerful as willing its owner to enthusiastically fund an orphanage. For these acts of Charity, the katana likewise grants a useful ability to those holders that share its bardic nature: an inability to be silenced in any form, be it magical or physical. If the bard is inhibited by any means, Ko'tar's song will be their voice to channel spells of the musical sort, most especially healing spells.

Ko'tar's personality: A stalwart, selfless guardian through and through, Ko'tar's very existence came into being for the sole purpose of providing protection, and although its form is that of a weapon, its functionality is of a far more defensive nature. Unerringly loyal and dutiful, the frost-katana desires only to serve, even forcing itself into its owner's hands (or spells) despite not being initially called upon--under the premise that it was badly needed in that situation, the owner just didn't know it yet.

Ko'tar's forms: The Frost-Katana {Sole}

Physical Description:

{Dormant}: A rare state for Ko'tar to take, this one appears as a peculiar--and peculiarly placed--tattoo, seemingly inked in a silvery-white and etched in the distinctive design of a lyrebird's elaborate tailfeathers turned upside-down, with a silver-bell topping the bunch. The detailed tattoo rests at the base of its owner's throat, the bell nestled just between the collar bones while the feathers curl beneath in the upended lyre pattern.

{Manifest}: When called for--and often when not, Ko'tar's manifestation is fueled by necessity and available resources rather than a strict method of appearance. Any nearby source of water or ice can be manipulated to take the sword's shape, but it has the easiest time taking form in the midst of a spell of hydro- or cryomancy being cast. Once a source has been fixed upon, the actual manifestation is simplistic with the katana constructing its frosty length from blade-tip to hilt rapidly amidst the musical crackle of ice and undertone of bells ringing--the ribbon and bell appear in a gleam of light once the katana has been taken in hand.

{Sole}: Ko'tar's single form is that of a lightweight katana crafted entirely of frost, simple in appearance with a blade of two and a half feet, relatively unadorned save for a silver bell and three-foot length of white silk ribbon hanging by thin chain on the end of the half-foot snowflake-guard hilt. Its sheath, crafted by the dwarf Hepti, is of a heavy, silver-white metal used specifically for its properties in cold-resistance--although it doubly serves to muffle the sword's most notable feature: its tendency to hum or sing ceaselessly.

Weapon Element: While Ko'tar only carries one proper Weapon form, it holds affinities with two elements- Light, like the other Virtue Weapons, and Water, namely ice in consideration of its origins.

Bird: White Superb-Lyrebird

Custom Name: Assiduous Frost Katana (Shield)

List of Past Owners:

1. Satoshi *current*

    • Disclaimer:: Part of the Ouroboros Weapons and Armaments of Virtue, created by Kasyr. Ko'tar's page is written by Satoshi.

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