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{{Region:Kelay Town|RPs}}
{{Region:Kelay Town|RPs}}
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[[Category:RP Logs]]
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Kelay Way

Kuzial shouted, "Idiots of Kelay! Be sure when you next see the pathetic parasite that I am coming for him... Kuzial is coming for him... and I will show him that his immortality is nothing but a pipe dream... Give him this message, for he is too fearful to ever be close enough to hear it from me."

Raulk shouted, "Some hero you are! Insulting those whom you desire to pass along a message! I won't be saying anything to him even if I see him. Go to him yourself!"

Kuzial shouted, "I am no hero, nor do I care for your opinion. You will either pass my message along, or I will kill you."

Raulk shouted, "Is that a threat? Guards! Arrest this elf for threatening me!"

Kuzial shouted, "It is not a threat, it is a promise. You have been warned... and do not attempt to hide behind guards. None will stop a patron of Trist'Oth, let alone some foolish humans waving their sticks about."

Raulk shouted, "Is that so? I refuse to cater to your pathetic sense of racial duty! Find the parasite yourself you ebony piece of web trash!"

Kuzial shouted, "Come outside and say that to my face, fool. You have insulted me for the last time... let's see if you have any balls to back your bravado."

Raulk allows his midnight colored hair to fall partly over his eyes as his enraged foot falls shake them gingerly. The avian seethes upon answering the challenge, "It seems that you have no problem dying before you can plunge your blade into the Parasite. How arrogant." The seething grimace turns upright into a grin, "You have one chance: One. You can walk away now and find your prey or you can become mine."

Duel Start

Duelists: Kuzial vs. Raulk.
Duel: Traditional 3 posts each, with final defense.
Stakes: Autohit post.
Judges: Tiphareth, Azakeal.

Kuzial is stalking up and down the Way, his face a twisted mask of rage that only grows worse when he hears the avian's words. "Fool..." With languid grace the weaponmaster draws forth his two mighty swords, E' et-Nilah in his right hand, and Shattered Dream in his left. The dark elf wastes no time in speaking more words - he erupts forward with vicious speed, his feet easily narrowing down the distance between drow and avian. When near, Kuzial drops a globe of darkness over them both, before twisting into a vicious dance; his two swords spin about his armoured body, snaking in and out at the avian's vitals from a dizzying array of angles, each seeking to destroy the winged man and end this before it ever really began...

Raulk came out prepared for battle, eager to nourish the blood thirst that hides beneath the surface of calm. As Kuzial marches forward, the avian breathes deeply, "Iraazuzil!" That single name is enough. The priest's prayer is silent from then on until twin pillars of flame erupt from outstretched arms, and arched fingers, both careening towards the incoming drow, serving as both a shield against the opposing strikes, and his own assault.

Kuzial snarls as the pillars of flame erupt from the priest's hands and sear their way towards him. He wastes no time in enacting his innate powers of levitation to rise above the conflageration, though sadly he isn't quick enough and tongues of flame lick his ebon flesh, blistering and burning the psychotic drow until he appears from the other side, smoke now languidly rising from his dark body. But it'd take more than that to stop the warrior, and without pause given to survey the extent of his injuries, the dark elf releases his spell of levitation and falls down towards the avian. Shattered Dream is sent in an over-hand slash, aimed to split the man in half, while the E' et-Nilah blade is retracted behind him, so when the drow lands once more upon the ground he and drop down to one knee and thrust the sentient sword forward in a vicious attack, aimed for the avian's stomach...

Raulk also takes to the air, his pitch black wings violently whipping into action, and carrying the male after Kuzial. However his eagerness to assault only eats away at the precious seconds that the demon serving priest has to respond to Kuzial's blades. Snarling rabidly, an unholy instinct takes foot within the mad avian's mind, his hands folding into a steeple. Muttered words in another language drip stealthily from his tongue, a communion only beheld by servant, and master. Raulk twists into a spin, flames seeming to ignite out of thin air, engulfing the avian quickly, but not quickly enough to avoid being cut on one of his wings during the beginning of the spin. The shield of flame blasts Kuzial's sword with an opposing gravity, deflecting the rest of the attack, and no doubt the one that follows. Raulk hisses and quickly weaves an intricate symbol in front of him. Whispering yet another prayer to his lord, the priest stops weaving, and forms a triangle with his thumbs, and pointer fingers, from which a shadowy tendril is unleashed, beckoned into the physical plane by the mercy of a dark spirit, and the faith of his servant. The tendril begins to look more, and more like a snake, it's maw forming rapidly, and yawning to reveal a flickering tongue. But what presents more of a threat are the shadowy fangs within, which seek to clamp upon Kuzial in mid air, while the gaping jaws would close upon the drow with force.

Kuzial feels a certain primal joy as the edge of his wicked sword slices into the avian's flesh, but such celebrations must wait. Already the priest has summoned forth his snake-like tendril of energy, and the drow has no time to evade. So instead he snarls again and seems to launch himself forward. It is but an illusion, though; a spell woven by the powerful sword, Shattered Dream, a katana imbued with potent illusionary magic. This grants the drow nothing more than a little bit of time, though, for that is all it takes for the snake-like apparaition to bite through the illusion and focus once more upon the drow. But a moment is all Kuzial needs to act: He bends his knees and leaps upward, aided in his jump by his innate powers to levitate. He tucks his legs close to his body, narrowly missing the snapping jaws of the creature, before he slams his legs back out. His heeled boots connect with the beast's head, and using this for momentum the dark elf again launches himself right at the avian. During his brief flight the drow languidly returns the E' et-Nilah blade to its sheathe and draws forth with his free hand a small crossbow. It is loaded with a bolt used by all drow, one layered with enough sleeping poison to drop a giant, and quickly the dark elf raises and fires the weapon, aiming it directly at Raulk's mid-section. In the bolt's wake Kuzial comes again, his weapon sword aimed straight ahead in a brazen thrust at the avian's throat, for his burns hurt far too much for a more eloborate attack...

Raulk begins to sail to the ground as his wound catches up to him. Blood mats his right wing, the jolt of pain causing him to lose focus. He's no warrior, and doesn't take hits often, thus the agony staggers the priest for a moment. But the crossbow bolt is already in the air, hurtling towards Raulk with fury. The male flaps hard after hearing the click of a projectile weapon, trying to get above the trajectory path, which he does just barely in time. However Kuzial's blade stabs into the avian's left leg, blood pouring freely from the wound. Raulk cries out in pain, kicking with his right boot, attempting to catch the drow on his chin, simultaneously unsheathing a blood stained athame, and hurling into toward Kuzial's skull. Not a marksman by any means, the throw is clumsy, and might be easier to avoid than the kick.

Kuzial again feels the surge of savage joy as his weapon tastes flesh, and this time he spends more time enjoying it... he pays for his casual cruelty, though, for the avian's kick strikes true, slamming into the top of the drow's head and causing him to lose grip on Shattered Dream's hilt. He'd have fallen entirely were it not for his innate levitation, but this is a double edged gift, for it leaves him directly in the path of the clumsy throw. The stone strikes Kuzial's jaw, sending him reeling enough to disrupt the magic and send him falling back to the scorched road beneath. He keeps his wits about him enough to land with bent legs, so the impact is absorbed by an over-the-shoulder roll... but that helps little with his bleeding burns which are now coated in dirt and filth. With another snarl the drow looks upward, ready to either continue his attack or defend against a coming onslaught, even as his vision swims with the remembered impact of the boot and stone...

Winner: Kuzial

Autohit Round:

Kuzial sees through the waves of nausea threatening to unman him that the avian has not followed up with an attack... this causes a dark, sadistic grin to form on the dark elf's ebon lips. With a muttered curse, something about eight-legged women, the drow once again enacts his innate powers and floats upward, directly beneath the avian; using the man's robes as a visual block to his climb. When he is near enough, Kuzial discards his crossbow and wraps his hand around the priest's leg. It takes him but a moment to release his spell and drag the avian back to the ground below. With an enraged snarl Kuzial pulls himself up to the man's head, before slamming the hilt of his sword viciously downward at Raulk's head, all the while saying, “Next. Time. I. Ask. You. To. Do. Something. Damn. Well. Do. It.” With the bloody tirade over, and the avian no longer conscious, Kuzial stands, returns his blade to its sheathe, before stalking off back towards the entrance to the Underdark...