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Drow Council

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The Drow Council

The council is a consortium of the five most powerful Houses within Trist'oth. Though the First House rules over most Drow matters, the other four among the strongest House leaders also meet in the Drow Council to discuss various facets of Drow interaction including most issues which relate to non-Drow races. Even with the continuous infighting, secretive plans and nefarious plots constantly brewing within the Drow intellect, they nevertheless understand that remaining united against common threats to the Drow people as a whole is beneficial. Major efforts are made to ensure stable relations are maintained with surrounding denizens of the deep such as deep dragons, Duergar dwarves, shadow gnomes, and the odious mind flayers. The council also maintains a vigilant watch over the defenses of Trist'oth through use of arcane wards, highly trained assassins, and powerful wizards representing a number of magical schools.

The Council Houses

The balance of power is ever shifting within Trist'oth and the council members are subject to change at nearly any time as Houses rise and fall within the hierarchy, though these 5 represent the current state of power within the Drow Council.

All Houses which are currently NPC led with no player members, may be utilized or usurped through RP by any Drow character as they see fit. Those who wish to associate themselves with a House that has current player members are encouraged to contact those members before proceeding with RP that may influence the family's status.

House D'Artes

Ruler: Patron Tiphareth
Type: Patriarchal
God: Vakmatharas
Goals: Above all else, House D'Artes strives to maintain its position as Trist'oth's First House among the ever threatening drow culture. Beyond that, they work to continually increase the power and influence of the Drow people, both within the Undeark and upon the surface. House D'Artes also wishes to supress the power of The Spider Goddess and spread the worship of Vakmatharas as the new favored God of the drow people.
PC members (past & present):
Patron Tiphareth
Patron Keter (deceased)
Khamahl (deceased)

House D'l'Sel D'issan

Ruler: :: Matron Laezila
Type: Outcast
God: None
Goals: To give a home to the many Drow outcasts who have been shunned, exiled, or fled from the Underdark. This includes Drow halfbreeds, Vampiric and lycan drow, survivors of destroyed houses, and those of strange pigmentation or deformity. Because these Drow are viewed as freaks and abominations to the Drow bloodlines, they've endured hardships beyond the already tumultuous Underdark existence. As such, those of House D'l'Sel D'issan are generally battled tested and quite motivated; they should not to be taken lightly. This house has risen against odds to become a force to reckon with within the Underdark. They wish more to be feared and respected than to rule.
PC members (past & present):
Matron Laezila
Zykel, Beast Master

House D'Jiv'undus

Ruler: [NPC] Matron Lakysia
Type: Matriarchal
God: The Spider Goddess
Goals: To game the political system and gain allies against the non-traditional Houses through secrecy and hidden plans, taking great care not to raise the ire of those powerful houses. They wish to someday achieve power great enough to overthrow the Patrons, dispatch of the outcasts, and take full leadership within Trist'oth.
PC Members (past & present):

House Orbb Quar'Valsharess

Ruler: [NPC] Matron Obelven
Type: Matriarchal
God: The Spider Goddess
Goals: To restore the power to of The Spider Goddess and gain her favor in all things, regardless of the cost. They openly stand against any of the non-traditional Houses and wish nothing more than for all males to once again bow at their feet in fear of their Priestess power.
PC members (past & present):

House Stavret

Ruler: Patron Kuzial
Type: Patriarchal
God: None
Goals: Unlike most Houses in Trist'oth, Stavret is located outside the city proper. It rests in the dark caves that lead deeper into the Underdark. As a result, the house is greatly responsible for protecting Trist'oth from the lurking dangers of their subterranean home. Its warriors lead the parties that guard the city, its wary eyes protect the drow from the parties of duergar that may wander up from their own dark cities. With few wizards, and few clerics, the house relies on its brute strength; its warriors far larger than the average dark elf. As a result of this, its goals are twofold. Like all drow houses it seeks the highest possible level of power within the city. But it has always been tempered by the responsibility it has to protect Trist'oth. For there lies its true power - few houses would want to eliminate the warriors, for without Stavret their own warriors would be needed and their own houses weakened.
PC Members (past & present):
Patron Kuzial
Kalaghe, House Mage
Sidhion, Mage
Vielyn, House Ranger
Guldor, Assassin

Usurped Houses

Herein are listed the Houses which were once part of the Drow Council, but have since been replaced as another House increased in power.

House Ist'Ro

Ruler: Matron Qila'an Ist'Ro - Undead Drow
Type: Matriarchal
God: None
Goals: This house wished to restore their house power after the revolts by the males caused by the Uprising of House D'Artes. Qila'an was killed once by fate and was not eager to return to the grave before her house was restored to its proper place as one of the elite. Unfortunately for Qila'an and House Ist'Ro, this House was raided by an overwhelming force through secret plans of Tiphareth and House D'Artes. Few members of Ist'Ro were killed during the actual assault; the bulk of its ranks being subdued by copious amounts of Drow paralytic poison during the attack. The captured constituent was taken alive to House D'Artes on a parade of drift disks under cover of darkness, where the Lichdrow Tiphareth utilized the members of Ist'Ro as a mass sacrifice toward his end of becoming an undead immortal.
PC members (past & present):
Matron Qilaan