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== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
* [[Totem of Delisha]]

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    "The Dark Mother"

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Delisha, The Dark Mother, is a God of Hollow


Delisha is one of the elder gods and claims to be the eldest of them all, claiming she is a remnant of “The One Who Came Before”. Delisha can be considered to be Lawful Evil as she believes in a strict hierarchy and orders her followers to submit to her will and the will of her anointed. Delisha is shadowy and slippery, her schemes can take many millennia to come to pass and are subtle. She always seems to get her way in the end. Delisha prefers her followers to make offerings of blood and food, the more expensive the better, this is why one of her major faiths was known as “The Cult of Pleasure;” a group of dark hedonists dedicated to experiencing everything life had to offer for their “Dark Mother” and her amusement. Delisha has very few rules that are set in stone for her followers and allow them free reign to interfere in the affairs of others as long as it does not interfere with her grand plans. Delisha is a dark but forgiving god who allows her followers to follow their own agenda, possibly because ultimately she can direct them to serve in one of her ever twisting schemes. Followers of Delisha are not expected to dispatch enemies personally; as long as they are taken care of. This is all that matters to the Dark Mother.

Delisha currently resides with The Shadow Conclave a city that exists upon the Plane of the Higher Gods, because she is banished from Celestia, their main city.

Delisha considers dark magic users among her most treasured followers and she has taken great effort to allow them to channel their power through the plane of shadow, the process of which allows them great power and hides their spells from prying eyes on occasion.

Temple Location

  • Chapel of Pleasure
    • Larket


Delisha appears as a well dressed female with many arms. Sometimes her hands are hidden from view and she often wears a mask, one side of which is black and the other white. The expression of the mask is often quite an emotional one, however her eyes remain dead, glowing a dull red.


Common Follower types: Evil practitioners of dark magic, hedonists, bohemians

Known Followers

  • Zane
  • Maylari

Related Artifacts

Related Groups & Clans

  • The Cult of Pleasure - clan - innactive
  • Hedonistic Indulgence

Common Rituals

  • Any celebration which includes the practices of hedonism and excess could potentially be a ritual to The Dark Mother, especially those which include sacrifices of the flesh or significant monetary value.