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== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
* [[Talisman of Cire]]

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Cire is a God of Hollow


Cire is a relatively new deity that has only existed since shortly before the age of elder races. Cire can considered to be Chaotically Neutral. The elder gods speculate that the force of Chaos has already existed long before the age of the elder races, however with Cire it reached sentience. Cire is pure chaos without form, race or gender. Cire enjoys swapping race, form and gender in a heartbeat for it is the very personification of chaos. Cire only desires one thing; the destruction of reality itself, in doing so every plane of existence would succumb to chaos and revert into mass of random ever-changing forces and energy. Therefore Cire’s very nature is self-destructive, as this would eventually mean the destruction of conscious thought and therefore itself. Cire’s followers are often insane or possessed of some ill will for the world and are happy to give themselves to the cause of total and complete obliteration at Cire’s whim. Until that time however Cire has huge powers, as it is the very embodiment of change and evolution. The tiny bit of randomness injected into the start of the world has run amok and caused this deity to become a threat to all creation. Cire is able to manipulate and corrupt mortals and immortals alike with strange chaotic powers that mutate the body and destroy the mind leaving a soldier of chaos willing to annihilate anything not chaotic on command.

Cire has no favourite followers in particular and often becomes bored with old ones seeking new thrills and new chances for chaos to reign with new individuals.

The Price of Chaos

Due to Cire’s chaotic nature and differing agendas and aspects Cire often falls into conflict with itself, this often sees its followers fighting each other as much as they combat the forces of order.

Temple Location

  • Swirling Mass of Chaos
    • Chaos Realm


Cire has no fixed appearance and can alter form at will but this deity appears to take three forms more often than most. The first is an eldery toothless crone with a spiral walking stick that confused the mind if starred at too long. The second is a young, handsome and virile male elf often used to tempt mortals into its service. The third is a swirling vortex of multicoloured lights that is painful to the eye.


Common Follower types:

Known Followers

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