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[[Category:Custom Weapons]]
[[Category:Custom Weapons]]
[[Category:Custom Weapon]]

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Name: Asorial, Wrathful offspring of the Envious blade Gospel.

What it is: Just as the other swords were born of Gospel, so this one would be, albeit in the most literal of sorts, creeping forth from the scaled blade to part into a body of it's own- almost a literal broodling of the dark blade save the lack of a mother. Or rather, a lack of a mother in the original design. What highly differentiates Asorial from the other blades is that it was influenced by an outside factor and resealed. The jest of things was that it was done to prevent a paradox that would never have occurred. To be specific, the blade, not long after having been created- caught the attention of a Kitsune; A planeswalker of some renown in the realm she came from, Malicean Asorial Arlyeon {Also Known As The Lady Maliss}. Her particular station was as a 'Sineater' within her realm, a sort of demonic entity which feeds off the presence of the Cardinal Crime to which they are named after. Unfortunately for the newly borne weapon, the kitsunes particular source of power was the very same as it's- resulting in her moving to influence the blade so it couldn't potentially be used to force her from that plane of existence before she was done her travels, or more dangerously be used as a focal point to control her. Whether it truly was paranoia {A possibility, given she was considered a focal point of insanity from her plane of origin}, Petty Jealousy, or simply a random idea of the moment- The foxkin warped the blade, it's powers, Origins and very existence shifted so it could not pose a threat or annoyance to her existence {After all, it was only a "Cheap Knock-Off of Myself"*} Once done, it was sealed back within Gospel, until the time came that a worthy recipient to the weapon was found. The result is a weapon that carries Gospel's taint, and that of the Lady Arlyeon. A weapon whose initial function has been manipulated so that it serves as a minor vessel for spare power she had possessed. To what end? "It amused me, and I bet'll cause a helluva lot more damage now, don'tcha think?"*

*Malicean Asorial Arlyeon Quotes

What it can do: The owners Temper is essentially set on a precarious balance. Those who are loved are the only ones really safe, as even minor infractions can be enough to spur the wielder into a violent tantrum, major 'wrongs' whether perceived or true rather likely to end in an attempt at killing the perpetrator. If the user already possessed these traits, it's essentially set to an even further extreme. *Should the wielder die, or someone/something be slain by the blade, their spirit is drawn into the blade and amalgamated by the Ouroboros contained within (Hence...no resurrections or stupid reincarnations from DD's..or being shanked and killed thoroughly in a non DD and coming back peachy fine dandy...unless your like Vuryal and have divine intervention...maybe.) Also, due to the trapped being inside, its exceedingly resilient to damage, and will not lose its supernatural keen. When wielded, the blade will slowly drain energy from its wielder, is a fact to note if used for exceedingly prolonged periods of time, if someone of {relatively} mundane nature inherited the blade , as they would find wielding it rather tiring. Nonetheless, the energy transfer allows them to rather effortlessly swing the blade {It is essentially weightless to the chosen wielder}...mixed blessing.*

A Fine Frenzy: The weapons ability is rather dangerous in it's simplicity. It's a channeling of those feelings often related to wrath; the likes of which anger, any sort of 'wrath' being fed upon by the weapon and fed towards the user. The more hostility within the area, the more that feeds through to the user. This of course causes a rise in aggression from the wielder, however more importantly, the energy is transferred directly into a boost to the users speed, strength and endurance. If a great enough amount of fury rests within the air, it will even be able to grant a form of regeneration { A warzone, or any sort of major battle..even a riot, would be enough to trigger this ability}. The downside, of course, is that the wielders clarity of mine would suffer, and unless they had any sort of self control before they used the weapon, they could risk attacking even allies in the berserk state that would ensue. Fortunately, this ability must be focused upon to be activated or disabled. When active as the Scythe, it gains a Translucent blue Aura, when as the Blade, it gains a burning radiance quite like the colours seen at dawn.

Asorials' Personality: Volatile, Manic, and seeming to shift in temperament as often as night cedes to day and Vice Versa, Asorial Shares the traits of it's Corrupters Persona. Although it does remain somewhat obsessed with gratuitous violence, it's major driving force is actually endeavouring to find a cure from boredom. Thus, if something interesting enough were to go underway, it's entirely possible it would settle to observe the proceedings. That being said, due to it's manic traits, it may just as well endeavour to push it's user into interfering. The sword Itself should not be underestimated as stupid, as beneath it's madness lies a startling intellect.

Asorials' Forms: First Form {Initial}: The Scythe, Final Form {To Be Acquired At +15}: The Zanbato.

Physical Description:

{Dormant} When Dormant, the blade is -not- hidden within a serpent Tattoo like the other weapons. Rather, Asorial's form lies hidden within the most odd of places- A tail of all things. Relating again to the corrupter of the blade, it essentially grants the wielder a tail, at first anyways. As the sword gains in power more and more tails lie present, essentially giving away the presence of something odd about the wielder even in a race normally possessing a tail. Once at full power, 9 tails matching the wielders hair/fur colour would be present (And only ever 9, if they already possessed a number of tails, it would only actually start to appear after it's power had gained to that point).

{Manifest} The weapons manifestation is as bizarre as it's hiding place for one particular reason. Upon invocation, a pair of small fluffy wings of a sky blue shade materialise from thin air, the odd little 'appendages' floating in mid air behind the user, disconnected and yet moving with the person as though they were actually a part of them. Though useless in appearance, they are actually what serves as the focal point for spells relating to the element of water, not the weapon itself. As for the Scythes manifestation, once the wings are fully formed- the user would find a mass of glacial energy materialise within their hand, only to suddenly solidify into one of it's forms.

{First} Glacial energies would condense within the users hands, rapidly forming a staff, and then a jagged scythes blade upon the end; the all of which would appear to be composed of some sort of semi translucent Black Ice. More disturbing than it's surnatural durability which remains even in this guise, would be the fact that the blade itself is actually reminiscent of a curved serpents tooth, and the haft itself is not smooth, but ridged in something which would feel essentially like snake scale. Regardless, the weapon itself is potent, and grants the user the knowledge and power to use the following 'techniques' persay. A cache of knowledge granted by the Lady Arlyeon, if one would. **

    • {Battle Skills Acquired}

1.~Grand Cleave:: Compromised of focusing ones physical being , and spiritual aura , into a single strike. The entirety of the damage is focused upon one point, making it exceedingly effective in breaking equipment (as well as limbs if someone were unfortunate enough). Due to the intense focus and high strain that it causes on the user as well as the weapon, it can't be used consistently , only usable 6 times per day at maximum and that would prove exhausting. The actual attack itself is simplistic in initiation, as it necessitates only an upwards leap, and a rather brutal downwards strike with Scythes' or Zanbatos' Edge. {B Type}****

2.~Wind Cutter:: With Scythe Or Zanbato;, The user is able to make a strike of such a precise and rapid nature that a wind of a cutting force equivalent (and often greater) to that of the blades edge travels forth. This wave of force will carry onwards until all its inertia is expended granting the wielder considerable talent in emptying out areas. Capable of being used 10 times a day. The area of effect is in fact a radial wave of force emanating from the actual swing of the weapon.* {I Type}****

3.~Bursting Blow:: With Scythe Or Zanbato, The wielder is able to generate enough energy that when the strikes at an opponent, a shockwave of brute force emanates from wherever it hits, causing a rather large amount of knockback and a painful amount of concussive force. The odd thing about this technique is it's not often lethal, as the energies that briefly form about the blade stop the edge from slicing through its opponent, making strictly reliant upon the blunt damage. The shockwave of the blow is equal to a 5 meter radius and able to be used 7 times a day.* (M Type)****

4.~Weave of Darkness:: Unique to the Scythe, This technique is reliant upon simply spinning the weapon in place, causing an attack quite akin to the Wind Cutter, save that instead of a line of cutting force, its a funnel of wind which rushes forth, serving to both push back and entrap any in its path. Beings or objects trapped within the wind are subject to innumerable cuts of a mild degree, quite useful in wearing down opponents or aggravating existing wounds. The funnel itself is 4 meters wide and comes out in a column directly in front of where the swords where slashed, and travels outwards at a pace of 21 meters per round, up to 4 rounds. Its able to be used up to 5 times a day*(N Type)****

5.~Divine Rupture:: Running either Scythe or Zanbato along the ground, an aftershock is made, streaking forth up until its energy is expended or it strikes something solid enough that it isn't pulverized by the sheer kinetic force the ability holds. Upon Contact with something that would resist its impact, the aftershock simply detonates in a condensed area of effect, the force consisting of an excessive crushing force. Its able to be used up to 4 times a day*(C Type)****

6.~Shadow Pierce ::The ultimate manifestation of Asorials' skills without the aid of Tenrai, this particular technique requires The Wielder to store their Ki within the Scythe, though not to increase it's bite towards those things of a material Aspect. Rather, those things of a twilit & Tenebrous nature, be they the undead aberrations or a mundane shadow will find themselves affected by the blades edge as though they were physical. Thus, the ethereal can be harmed, and more disturbingly, one can find themself affixed to a place by their shadow, prevented from moving from that spot to a point unless the weapon is removed, or the Ki placed within runs out. Fortunately for those whom might be afflicted, this can only be used 3 times a day.*(S Type)****

{Final} The Zanbatos' manifestation begins the very moment the user wills it, the immediate vicinity about the wielder becoming coated with a rather thick patch of ice, accumulating in an exceptionally lengthy patch which rises up before them. From the 'tip' of this patch, a hilt would be noticeable, and upon the moment it's touched the rest of the sword will manifest- shattering free of it's frigid sheathe. The Zanbato itself is a -Seven- Foot blade, fashioned in the same fashion as a katana, albeit a much lengthier hilt {The likes of which simply bears the signature "Tenrei Jigoku"} and blade- the edge itself thicker as well. The aesthetics remain fascinating as ever, the hilt itself fashioned of black scales which are tinged a glacial blue- leading up to a blackened blade covered in what appears to be countless 'fractures' of glimmering blue energy {in a sense quite akin to localized leylines in appearance}. All in all, the peculiarities of the blade make it it nigh unusable to those who the blade does not belong to. Even the one whom it is bound to might find difficulty using it due to the peculiarities of it's length, however the weapon does hold an astounding amount of power to make up for it's unwieldiness. Wielding the weapon in this form grants a number of abilities unique to the Zanbato, mirror images to what Nanashis' "Blade Of Corruption" could wreak, albeit to a lesser extent. Essentially, this translates to the blade holding a particular affinity to wounding those of a good or lawful alignment, and carrying a particular knack for causing wounds which are all the more likely to become infected.***

      • {Finishing Blows Acquired/Tenrai's Perdition}

1-Hinote Kuchidzuke (Flames Kiss){I Type}****A moment is spared to engulf "Tenrai" with a particularily strong bout of flame, one which clings upon the Ouroboros Blade until a strike is made, the effect differing depending on whether it's a slash or an attempt at impalation. When the maneuver in particular is a slash, the effect produced is quite akin to the windcutter, save that the blade of condensed air which would normally form is spawned a moment -after- the slash, effective for crashing into vulnerabilities that may have been formed by either a successful strike, or simply by parrying that initial blow. What's more, the flaming energy is transferred into that scything blade of air, hence superheating the wound and both aiding in severing whatever is hit as well as cauterising the specific area. In the instance of a thrust, upon contact the blades' ki is dispensed to help drive the blade forward whilst the heat dispersed could effectively boil someones' interns. The wielder is capable of doing this 2 times a day, The slice technique being able to produce up to 3(Dis/7) slashes per usage and the Thrust -always- being a full expenditure of all the energy.

2-Kyuukyoku Nenshou Arashi (Final Burning Tempest){C Type}****A wisps kiss of a pyres hearth born companion, that sparked aspect to which desire is oft compared- Flames which burn high seeking to consume like passions. This is placed upon "Tenrai" like a benediction, breathed onto sanguine tainted steel before that dark blade is risen high then plunged swiftly into the ground below. Banished as such to a shallow grave in the terrain before its wielder, half buried corpse is then placed with ki, life energies animating it and bringing about its ire in full force, that wrath oft stored for the angry dead revived, mindless & wanton in its destructive weave. About the kitsune is a wreath of flame formed, fueled by her energies and honed specifically against those entities which already passed on, providing both barrier to The Wielder and means of breaching those damned and desecrated forms, incineration their liberation. Fortuitously enough for those to go against Asorials' Wielder, its' usage is limited to 2 times a day, and its rage but a meager 6 feet in all directions (With "Tenrai" Being the Focal Point).

3-Joushou Hebi Dageki (Ascending Serpent Strike){M Type}**** "Tenrai" laced with the Wielders' ki, the time required to initiate this action is little, sword point brought to graze along the ground before being swung up at the specific target. Viperal in swiftness, time to react is minimal and the force within allows it to be unimpeded by most obstacles. The strike is then brought about in full circle, by which point the Wielder simply falls low, then bounds upwards, "Tenrai" brought up like a snake which seeks to sup upon that wayward pigeon which flew too close to the ground- force enough within the blow to cut through like a scythe carving a wicked way through wheat. The move, if thus left uninhibited, both strikes the opponent twice -and- sends them sprawling up into the air, with the Weapons' User swiftly following after. Fortuitously enough for most, this particular maneouver is limited to but 2 times a day.

4-Naraku Uejini Yajuu (Hells Starving Beast){N Type}**** Imbuing "Tenrai" with Their Ki then plunging it within the earth before Themself, The user is able to use Their spiritual energy to rapidly draw in those within Their proximity, something which is useful in both its manner to sow dissarray and open up vulnerabilities to exploit. It also helps that directly following the initialisation, "Tenrai" is extra keen due to the energy channeled within it for all of 1 attack. Due to the large amount of ki necessitated by this particular technique, The Wielder can only perform it but 1 time a day. The range is quite efficient however being 10.5 Feet in all directions out from "Tenrai".

5-Fuuin Tenma (Sealed Demon) {B Type}**** A battle tactic more defensive then most, this one cannot follow or be followed by any other technique during its execution (That round), and in the means by which its a mostly defensive action, it makes quite a bit of sense. Falling into a neutral stance, with "Tenrai" gripped tightly in one hand and the other simply resting -behind- the blade near one end, the sole thing that is done is an infusion of ki then awaiting the first blow. However, once a blow has been unleashed (it has to be a melee attack to be effective) and blocked by this particular stance, the reason will became immediately noticeable. A sudden inversion of momentum plus that of the Wielders' own force results in a rather hefty distance produced, 25 feet to be precise, sending that foe sprawling back (or upwards if used to counter an airborne attack). The tactic is useful for providing distance, disarming and setting up an opponent for a vulnerability, but it is also not strictly defensive, for upon the inversion of momentum, an excessively powerful strike outward is made, more than capable of clearing out all those entities which are in the immediate proximity of The Wielder (or simply grant a foe being sent flying backwards a parting gift). After its been executed, another attack can be made to follow it. 4 times can this be used per day.

6-Kumori Onkyou Kire (Shadow Echo Slice){S Type}**** The ultimate ability "Tenrai" was able to offer, this technique drains The Ouroboros Bearer of Their Vital energy, Stamina & Ki, essentially ensuring that if the move is executed during the wrong situation, it can prove quite fatal to the User. It is not to be underestimated however, such as in situations where there is only one foe to focus upon. Simply put, it's an investment of as much Spiritual and Vital energies which can be placed within the sword itself, to the point where the blade leaks blackened energy- ensuring that it's on the very brink of overflowing. Only then does the attack ensue, Sword drawn over The Wielders' head, if only to be thrust down with all Their strength. Whilst the attack in itself might seem predictable, the results could hardly be dubbed so. Rather, the exact motion and force in the blow is mirrored and amplified several times in the form of countless shadowy slashes which immediately manifest the moment the initial slash is finished, appearing from nowhere to simply rip apart the target from all angles and perspectives, until every bit of energy is expired, or the target of the ability is. It can only ever be used once per day.

Blade Element: The blades affinity rests with darkness as do all the blades, and interestingly enough with water, as opposed to fire as many would expect of a 'Wrathful' weapon. Moreoever, whilst it does make channeling water spells easier, it is those relating to the creation, and manipulation of Ice that are done with the least effort- a reflection upon the nature of the Original users Tastes.

Custom Name (s): Asorials' Malice {Weapon}

Serpent {Familiar} Type {s}: Ouroboros {Kitsune hybrid (i.e. Kudakitsune, or, pipefox spirit}

List of owners:

1. Malicean Asorial Arlyeon {Technically}

2. Satoshi *Current*

    • Disclaimer:: This Be Intellectual Property Of Kasyr Aka Jerrett W.S. Booth. All Moine!

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