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== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
* [[Amulet of Arkhen]]
* ''Aina Lhach en’ Arkhen'' (Holy Flame of Arkhen)  
* ''Aina Lhach en’ Arkhen'' (Holy Flame of Arkhen)  

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Arkhen is a God of Hollow


Arkhen is one of the Elder Gods and currently resides within the city of Celestia, the city of Gods on the Higher Plane. He sits upon the Council of Gods there. Arkhen can be considered to be Lawful Good in nature and as such favors order and the light. Arkhen, like the other Gods does not appear within the realm of Hollow with the exception of the rarest of circumstances. However, Arkhen takes a particular grandfatherly interest in the world of the mortals and as such chooses champions to enact his will. Being the patron of Paladins and Olric, Arkhen often finds himself answering prayers and guiding his followers. The diety seems to favor qualities such as selfless sacrifice, generosity, honor, and valor. Arkhen is a very forgiving and tolerating god. He believes in the greater good and often offers wisdom to those in need of guidance. No follower would be barred from his patronage so long as they chose to live under the path of light. While many temples of Arkhen have fallen forgotten those that do exist are kept in pristine condition. They are often used as shelters for the homeless and orphans. The priests of the god are not only faithful worshippers but great caretakers.

Places of Worship

  • Arkhen's Forgotten Temple
    • Southern Sage Forest


Arkhen has been said to appear through avatars in one of two forms. The first is that of a village wise man, dressed in simple robes with a clevery crafted walking staff with long grey hair and deep knowing brown eyes. The second form is that of an elf. Locks of brilliant blond hair are tied back in a sort of stunted pony tail with other strands falling to near shoulder height. The elf is usually clad in an immaculate set of plate mail absent a helmet. The armor seems to shine so bright that the near white brilliant mirrored look is present even in the shadows of night.


Common Follower types: Righteous commoners, People of lawful-good alignment, Paladins, Knights

Known Followers

  • Lady Valiana Aier’ek
  • Kelovath
  • Eliason
  • Aela

Related Artifacts

  • "The Divine Teachings of Arkhen and the Holy Flame" (Two copies exist)

Related Clans

  • None

Common Rituals

  • pending