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(Chapter Three: Life, What Is It But A Dream?)
(Chapter Three: Life, What Is It But A Dream?)
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# [[RP:A Dance With Duplicity|A Dance With Duplicity]]
# [[RP:A Dance With Duplicity|A Dance With Duplicity]]
# [[RP:The Talking Dead|The Talking Dead]]
# [[RP:The Talking Dead|The Talking Dead]]
# [[RP:Cattle on the Big Bridge|Cattle On The Big Bridge]]
# [[RP:Objects in Motion|Objects In Motion]]
# [[RP:Objects in Motion|Objects In Motion]]

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OOC Note: This is a personal mini-arc for Khitti and Brand and is not open to the general public. There may occasionally be RPs with other people where the situation is brought up, but there won't be any events of any kind to go with it. It's being documented on the wiki for the sole purpose of keeping the RPs together in one place and to allow other players to read it if they so choose to. Thanks for your understanding!

It’s been nearly two years since a portal was opened to the Shadow Plane and things haven’t been the same since for Khitti and Brand. Once called the Harbinger by denizens of the other realm thanks to some pesky prophecies, Khitti’s been called upon again to aid them, to purge them of the taint that’s taken hold of their home and rid them of the evil that started it. Even the Prophet Emeritus wasn’t safe from the corruption. Begrudgingly, Khitti has decided to help them--she wouldn’t have gotten her vampirism cure without the Shadow Plane, after all--and Brand, of course, will be there with her every step of the way. Much like the little girl from Khitti's fairy tale book, the two of them are tumbling down the rabbit hole again, and they're certain that this trip to Wonderland will be worse than the last.

Chapter One: Follow The White Rabbit

  1. What's Past Is Prologue
  2. God Was Never On Your Side
  3. Survivalism
  4. Saints And Sinners
  5. Scary Monsters And Super Creeps
  6. A Rage The Likes Of Which Should Never Escape
  7. Terrible Lie
  8. To Ask A Favor
  9. To Hear The Call Of Death And Pleasure
  10. One Night Only
  11. I Vow

Chapter Two: The Garden Of Live Flowers

  1. The Killing Type
  2. Rose Red Violent Blue
  3. By Your Powers Combined...
  4. Quintessa vs. Gevurah
  5. Journey To The Past
  6. The Devil In I
  7. Sweet Child O' Mine
  8. No Bats Here
  9. Darling, I Want To Destroy You
  10. Let The Hate Flow Through You
  11. The Blue-Eyed White Dragon: Part One
  12. The Complexities Of Courting A Catalian
  13. Partners In Not-Crime
  14. The Blue-Eyed White Dragon: Part Two
  15. The Great Gig In The Sky
  16. Somewhat Damaged

Chapter Three: Life, What Is It But A Dream?

  1. A Dance With Duplicity
  2. The Talking Dead
  3. Cattle On The Big Bridge
  4. Objects In Motion

The Chessboard

The Red Queen and King
Jessamine and James Juniper: Jessamine and James are creations of the mad alchemist, Caiburne, a Catalian who once served Kahran before his second "death" in Southern Sage Forest. They care only to make the world their own, to corrupt it as they see fit--starting with the Shadow Plane and soon moving on to Lithrydel. Their sole purpose is to be a counter for Khitti and Brand's magicks. Jessamine, a human-dryad hybrid, deals in plant control and anti-paladin abilities, taking great pleasure in torturing Khitti when she gets the chance. Her partner, James, on the other hand uses his anti-mage talents to rip apart the minds of mages to gain information and bend the mage to his will. The human-treant hybrid's most recent victim is Brand, who will be healing from the several weeks of torture for years to come. There's only one thing anyone can do, should they cross paths with this duo: Prepare for trouble... and make it double.

The Rooks
The Prophet Emeritus: From the first day that Khitti set foot in the Shadow Plane, Emeritus has been an ally of sorts. Gifting her with the knowledge of the realm itself, as well as providing transportation in the form of the mysterious felines known as the Tikifhlee for her and Brand, the white treant had always been the neutral sort. He would give assistance, so long as it didn't interfere with anything--especially the prophecies tied to Khitti. The treant came to be during a time of peace within the land, so that neutrality was very much a part of who he was. The neutrality would end up becoming his downfall, however, as he was taken, poisoned, and changed by Jessamine and James Juniper, leaving the realm to provide a new prophet, since Emeritus could no longer tend to his duties. Khitti and Brand have yet to set eyes upon him since their return to the Shadow Plane.

The Prophet Cirice: The newly born treant known as Cirice was created by the Shadow Plane during a time of war, to replace Emeritus upon his disappearance. Awakened by the flames of Ashfall Peak, a volcanic island that represents the Shadow Plane's version of Rynvale, the charred treant burns from the inside out (literally and figuratively), the volcano's shadow-flames Cirice's life spark. She is the embodiment of rage and retribution, a sharp contrast to Emeritus' pacifism. Upon meeting with Khitti in Helshade, she returned Khitti's ability to wield the Black Tides and as well as gave her Embershard, a gladius forged in the fires of Ashfall Peak, made of obsidian and dark steel. But, with the gifts came a warning: Khitti must not use both light and dark magic simultaneously or else there will be dire consequences. Only time will tell if Khitti will heed the prophet's ominous words.