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Arc:The God of Undeath

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In the Chaos Realm there lurks an entity known only to a few living souls. He is hell bent on turning all living things undead, throughout the universe, and in every plane.

Arc runner: Gevurah


-------Click here for the timeline!-------

Chapter 1

  1. The Monsters That Scare Monsters
  2. Kill the Children First
  3. A Sinister Samhain
  4. Gevurah Interrupted
  5. This Mess I Have Made
  6. Fascination, Fancy, Fate
  7. Interloper Interlude
  8. I Won't Chase You
  9. Drow Alliances Are Hard to Maintain
  10. [Gev/Lan after Kas almost killed him]
  11. [Kas/Tessa after Gev almost killed Kas]
  12. [Caluss/Quintessa]
  13. [Regi/Muzo summons Gospel]

Chapter 2