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# [[RP:Why Is It Always Venturil?]]
# [[RP:Why Is It Always Venturil?]]
# [[RP:Entirely Unexpected]]
# [[RP:Entirely Unexpected]]
# [[RP:Potential_Allies|Potential Allies]]
{{Link|Category|RP Logs}} {{Arc|Current}}{{PC|Scandal}}{{Region:Venturil|RPs}}
{{Link|Category|RP Logs}} {{Arc|Current}}{{PC|Scandal}}{{Region:Venturil|RPs}}

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A new species of saurian have evolved from the dinosaurs in Venturil. They call themselves the Razurath. A gang of Razurath have blockaded the pass between Craughmoyle and the Venturili plains. Trade and travel is near impossible and very dangerous. Reports have made it back to the major cities that the Razurath are also kidnapping magic users such as wizards and witches, and even magical creatures like pixies. If they are not stopped, Venturil and Chartsend will be overrun, and the Eastern half of the continent is surely next on the evil saurian's list.

Arc runners: Scandal(Aetherclaw) and Gevurah
We welcome Eboric's return to Hollow, and we are welcome to share the arc to help put him back on the throne, I have decided to withdraw Scandal from the Arc, But will continue to play Under the Alt General Aetherclaw. ~Player behind Scandal 

-------Click here for the timeline!-------

Chapter 0

(Backstories for new characters who were in Venturil just prior too, or are stuck behind the barrier)
  1. RP:A Peppermint Stick with Legs
  2. RP:Less Than Ecstatic Promotion

Chapter 1

The Blockade is held by a Cathabraka Door, all magical attempts currently have been futile to remove it, or destroy it.

  1. RP:Blocked at the Pass
  2. RP:Abducting a Arcane Icicle Farmer
  3. RP:A King Awakens
  4. RP:Why Is It Always Venturil?
  5. RP:Entirely Unexpected
  6. Potential Allies

Known NPC's:


Cecil: Cecil is a brown Razurath Architect and Engineer, who settled in Cenril a year ago with a small Razurath Colony and his family.

Pepper: Pepper is a Blue Razurath Inventor and Scientist, who with her mate Cecil settled in Cenril around a year ago.

Alice: Human girl adopted by Cecil and Pepper, who loves and his dearly loved by them.

Darcy: A blue and green spotted Razurath with a pension for notebooks and writing utensils, a frequent notetaker in the many experiments and projects of Cecil and Pepper. Is rumored to be mated to a purple razurath in cenril by the name of Plum.

Plum: (In debute)