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This is a personal mini-arc for Lanara, though all of her close friends and family are welcome to join in, if interested!

Arc Leader: Lanara

Chapter One: Grief Is Just Love… With No Place Left To Go

Summary: The past few years have been heartbreaking on Lanara, and though she tries her very best to remain an optimistic little witch, a cataclysm of events result in her final downfall. She had moments of recklessness since the death of Largakh, the resurrection of Valrae, and that lone visit to the Shadow Plane. However, in all of these moments, she was able to see a bit of good, and relied heavily on her fate, despite the horrors from her youth that continually nipped at her heels. But what would become of the witch once all hope is gone? Elioyahazer vanishes, his butler kicks Lana out of their shared home, and she feels betrayed as their wedding day passes without the exchange of nuptials. Talyara and Lanara are both abducted by witch killers, tortured, and it’s made certain that Lana will never dance again, due to an ankle injury. Fearing for her sanity, she flees to Venturil to reside with her brother, and hands over the Adventurer’s Guild to Meri. The unpredictable events that unfold next are difficult to swallow.

  1. God, Glory, and Gold
  1. RP:Rescue Our Souls From Their Ravages|Rescue Our Souls From Their Ravages]]
  1. Alpaca-Lypse Now
  1. Learning To Lean
  1. Checking Up On Friends And A Feline
  1. Wolves, Babies, and Ink
  1. Seeking Asylum

Chapter Two: Innocence Is The Hardest Thing To Prove

Summary: It’s been six months since Lanara was hospitalized at the Wellness Clinic, and after figuring out exactly what had happened, she is released. Apparently, the woman was studying astral projection and a rogue spirit had entered her body and committed the evil deeds. She returns to the lands, to clear the name of Nicolai Carter, the Backstreet Bard who pleads guilty for Lana’s crimes, and to regain the trust of those she considered friends. Finding a haven in the magical land of Enchantment, the witch does daily volunteer work that insures her safety, room, and board, while allowing her to do little acts that help to atone for her sins. Even though she didn’t commit the crimes, as it was another in her body, she feels that the blood of her victims is still on her hands. Working in tandem with area leaders, character witnesses, and the committee in Enchantment, she hopes for her case to go to trial. Will it end with a guilty or innocent verdict? Will the witch be burned at the stake, or will Lanara regain the status she once held in the realm?

  1. Facing The Aftermath

Chapter Three: Speak The Truth, Even If Your Voice Shakes