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<onlyinclude>''"Knowledge at any cost"''
For as long as can be remembered, The Mage's Guild of Xalious has lived by this tenet, risking life and limb for the pursuit of knowledge. No challenge too difficult, no sacrifice too great. But there are some sacrifices that should never be made, some prices no one should ever have to pay.
Everyone has skeletons in their closet, dark histories they would rather remain buried. While trawling through ancient and archaic tomes of esoteric knowledge, Odhranos uncovers a terrible secret, hidden in the Guild's past. A secret that now threatens to endanger the present. Whispered accounts of experiments, carried out at the behest of the Guild, promising endless life, boundless power and the secrets of the eternal soul itself.
But what price is there to pay for such fell knowledge? To what lengths must one go? As the questions of immortality, morality and humanity plague the Guild, a sinister threat emerges, heralding from the shadows of the Guild's dark past, threatening not only the lives of the Mages, but those of the people of Xalious itself.
''"Knowledge at any cost."'' Where do you stand? Would you sacrifice all for power? Or are there some prices too big to pay?</onlyinclude>
#[[RP:Critter Island|Critter Island]]
#[[RP:Gems are Truly Outrageous|Gems are Truly Outrageous]]
#[[RP:A Magically Awkward Meeting|A Magically Awkward Meeting]]
#[[RP:If You Like Pina Coladas And Getting Caught In A Dragon's Cave|If You Like Pina Coladas And Getting Caught In A Dragon's Cave]]
#[[RP:Journey of the Fallen Magi|Journey of the Fallen Magi]]
#[[RP:Amongst the Dunes|Amongst the Dunes]]
#[[RP:A Change of Scenery|A Change of Scenery]]
==Chapter 1==
#[[RP:Dragons, Mages and Warriors|Dragons, Mages and Warriors]]
#[[RP:He Who Brings Death|He Who Brings Death]]
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