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(Chapter One: The Land Resents)
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#[[RP:The Surface World and the Skies Above|The Surface World and the Skies Above]]
#[[RP:The Surface World and the Skies Above|The Surface World and the Skies Above]]
#[[RP:Who Watches the Watchers?|Who Watches the Watchers?]]
#[[RP:Who Watches the Watchers?|Who Watches the Watchers?]]
#[[RP:A Roving Band of Ruffians|A Roving Band of Ruffians]]
==Chapter Two: Scars of Elves==
==Chapter Two: Scars of Elves==

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This is a Warrior's Guild RP.


With Kahran dead and Esche vanished, Lionel is free from his sorrows. In order to discover the man he hopes to be, he goes on walkabout -- a journey across the land. But everywhere he travels, the former Prince of Catal finds mounting evidence of a bizarre threat to Lithrydel's forests. Magical monoliths rise from rivers and streams; overzealous cultists threaten the peace; wild and sentient flora emerges from the ground, hungry for flesh. Even the Southern Sage, allegedly cured from its curse, begins to wither once more. Who are the true masterminds behind this plot, and what do they hope to accomplish? Even without warlords like Kahran, there will always be strife. As Lionel attempts to find his true self after a lifetime of psychosis, he and his allies will be called to arms once again. The Warrior's Guild must rise to meet new foes, who haunt the realm's wilderness and challenge the very cycle of nature itself.

The Haunted World

Chapter One: The Land Resents

  1. Flowers for Algernon
  2. Being a Fish in Lake Frysta
  3. The Lost Catalian and the Curious Case of the Man-Eating Fornicators
  4. Ash Like Snow
  5. Walkabout
  6. Put a Pin in That
  7. What's Eating Adelbert Ape?
  8. There All The Honor Lies
  9. Dark Page
  10. Courting You Gingerly
  11. The Surface World and the Skies Above
  12. Who Watches the Watchers?
  13. A Roving Band of Ruffians

Chapter Two: Scars of Elves

Chapter Three: The Old Blood

Chapter Four: The Jungian Paradigm

Chapter Five: In the Kingdom of the Blind

Chapter Six: Immolation