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Aramoth is a God of Hollow


Aramoth is one of the elder gods and tends to stay neutral, he can be considered to be lawful neutral. Aramoth is the lord of battle; he has a strong distaste for magic and his worshippers are almost exclusively warriors. Aramoth is a very serious and stern god and will not suffer any kind of foolishness at all; the only kind of frivolity he truly appreciates is a celebration of wine, song and food after a hard fought battle. Aramoth despises assassins’, tricks and deception. Aramoth believes every battle should be fought fairly and with “warrior honor”, face to face. Aramoth believes in a very spartan lifestyle and this is reflected in his undecorated temples that are rugged, functional and well defended at all times. Aramoth and his entire warrior followers believe war should be fought with a good cause, glory on the battlefield is however one of these causes.

Aramoth considers monks among his most treasured followers as they have mastered the art of unarmed combat. However Aramoth also considers the creation and upkeep of fine and functional weaponry an important part of daily life.

Aramoth currently resides in Celestia the city of the gods on the plane of The Higher Gods.

Places of Worship

  • Temple of Aramoth - primary temple
    • Cenril
  • Temple of Judgement
    • Frostmaw
  • Royal Academy of Aramoth
    • Frostmaw
  • Memorial to the Creator
    • Alithrya
  • Ruined Temple of Aramoth
    • Alithrya


Aramoth tends to appear as a titan a very tall well muscled humanoid dressed in full battle armor of simple steel, with a long flowing cape of deepest red. Aramoth often appears to hold a large spear and shield both of which he carries to battle.

The Bloody Aspect

As the god of war Aramoth will occasionally enter his ‘Bloody Aspect’ after a long period of peace. During this period he will demand his followers fight brutally against the targets of his choice and spill blood in his name until his thirst for battle is quenched once more.


Common Follower types: Gladiators, Brawlers, Soldiers, Knights, Mercenaries, Warrior Tribes, Frost Giants, Citizens of Frostmaw

Known Followers

  • Cuki
  • Vornir
  • Gunnar
  • Rosk
  • Eelltsu
  • Margrenoog
  • Kosuke

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Common Rituals