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Admin Definition
Administrators (Admin) are community volunteers that wish to contribute to Hollow's continued development, enjoyability, and integrity. Admin applications are periodically released to the community as a whole. Existing Admin and the Owner(s) of Hollowgame.com select new Admin based on these applications, as well as previous interactions with applicants. Administrators are granted extended privileges within Hollow, and are expected to follow this Code of Conduct to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect. Admin are not considered employees, agents, or independent contractors of HollowGame.com, but rather are community leaders that help to curate and govern the community. All Administrators are expected to adhere to the following Admin Code of Conduct which sets the baseline standards for maintaining a functional, fair, and enjoyable game atmosphere.

Admin Code of Conduct


  1. Game administration requires frequent interaction to ensure that in-game chat channels and player behavior are within the Rules of Behavior; as such, Admin are expected to log into Hollow on a frequent basis
    1. Temporary Absences – Any temporary absence of one week or more should be communicated to the other Admin. In particular, Admin that serve on the same board(s) as the absent Admin should be contacted to ensure those board(s) have sufficient coverage for board duties. If all other board members will be absent at the same time, the Advisory board should be notified.
    2. Extended Absences – Any Administrator that plans to be absent for an extended period of time (~90 days) should contact the Advisory board and HollowGame.com Owners. A replacement may be solicited or appointed. Admin privileges may be reinstated following the absence, pending individual circumstances.
    3. Unaccounted Absences – Any Administrator that does not maintain regular contact with their fellow board members or contribute to board decisions for an extended period of time may result in that Administrator being removed or replaced.

Admin Cooperation

  1. Decisions which may affect many players, set approval precedent, alter Hollow canon, or give any one player or group of players a specific benefit should not be made by a single administrator, and shall be agreed upon by vote of the appropriate board.====
    1. If no other board members respond to requests for opinions or votes for a period of 30 days, an Advisory Board Administrator may make a –temporary- ruling on the matter until more Admin may be instated to cast a full vote. If no Advisory Board Admin are available, HollowGame.com Owners should be contacted for discussion of the need for additional Admin
  2. While different admin have specific tasks they are assigned, all Admin are deserving of common courtesy and respectful communication. Ideas expressed by fellow admin should be given due consideration; decisions passed by majority vote of the board which governs such topics will be considered final
    1. Though board decisions are final among the admin staff, HollowGame.com Owners have ultimate decision-making powers on all game matters and may veto, reverse, alter, or institute any policies/decisions

Player Interaction

  1. All attempts should be made to treat players with courtesy and respect. Those players who are in violation of the Rules of Behavior may receive disciplinary actions equitable with the severity of their violation.
  2. Admin should attempt to maintain a positive game environment and ensure that OOC communication, (both between admin and players, and among the players), is relatively peaceful and respectful. Any Player or Administrator who habitually works toward creating a hostile OOC environment is subject to removal from the Admin position, or the game entirely.
  3. Any information obtained by Admin due to their Admin position shall be kept confidential and never shared outside of the Admin community. This includes player information, correspondence, and internal Admin discussions.
  4. Player safety and well-being is of utmost importance, and Admin will diligently manage reports of threats or harassment.


  1. Admin will give all players an equal opportunity to pursue RP goals of their choice, so long as such RPs meet the rules of Hollow canon.
    1. While the pursuit of RP goals is afforded everyone, those RP goals which require Administrative approval will be given on a case by case basis, to be decided by the rationality, realism, RP History, and extenuating factors of the RP and character in question
  2. Admin will treat all players fairly and equitably when violations of the Rules of Behavior take place.
    1. Those players who repeatedly violate the Rules of Behavior are subject to increased disciplinary action due to the habitual nature of their contempt for game rules.
  3. Admin will not use their in-game powers to unduly give certain players a favorable edge over others
    1. This includes modifying the game map or a player’s gold, stats, political status, or inventory, based on friendship or favoritism.
    2. Boards may approve periodic ‘rewards’ that may be given to particularly active or helpful players so long as such gifts are both reasonable and infrequent. These rewards may not be hidden from the player base, and should be public knowledge.
  4. Admin are subject to the same rules as any other player regarding approval for custom classes, races, and area leadership